Meet the Owner!

Hello! Welcome to In Perfect Bloom, I would like to introduce myself! My name is Taylor, and I am 25 years old now. I am a Christian girl who loves spreading joy and seeing smiles on everyone’s faces!

Now I want to tell you my why. Major life events took place where I put my life on pause to accept the task of caring for my mother and grandmother. I wouldn't have it any other way!! With these changes I had to let my jobs go and start working full time caring for them. In this time, my faith increased, and I started crafting! That’s when I started my first business "Taylor Made Crafts" (January 2020), I worked with resin and loved it! This business was short lived since my resources would not allow and I didn’t want to cause anyone to become sick! Later that year, after much prayer, God gave me an idea to start a business selling encouraging items. I then started working my hardest to make this dream come to life! This journey was tough for me because I would see others around me succeeding and I felt like I was a failure, and my business would be as well. I continued praying and working on my business and God kept telling me that I was In Perfect Bloom, that is why I decided to name my business this. I am here to tell you all that it is okay to not be in the same position as others are in, you are exactly where God wants you to be in your season! Continue to bloom and keep your focus on you and the dreams God gave you!

I hope you all love my products as much as I do! 

Always remember to keep blooming,